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Welcome to Kirlin.

We are one of the largest and most enduring privately held construction and engineering companies in the United States. We are a full service, highly professional company with unparalleled experience in commercial, industrial and governmental construction and renovation projects. Kirlin’s focus on projects may include any of the following positions: construction manager, general contractor, mechanical contractor, fire protection and service contractor.


Engineering & Design





The Story of Kirlin.

Every great business starts with drive and a passion. Kirlin’s drive to succeed came in 1960 when the company’s first mechanical engineering project was initiated in Mr. Kirlin’s basement. Today our offices are located in cities up and down the east coast. But our projects extend throughout the United States and in select markets overseas. We continue to grow as a company with broadening technological skills. We are always looking for skilled, values-oriented people who want a challenging position with a company where resources are expanding, technology plays a defining role in our success and opportunities for a rewarding career are endless.

Construction & Engineering Specialists

Kirlin leads the way in construction and engineering. Our technological know-how plays a key role in the projects we select. Our strengths lead us to some of the most exciting challenges in our industry. As a group, we bring our insight and experience to projects. The result of the work we do together makes life better for all of our employees and for the customers we serve.

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Our Work

Whether we are designing and building hospitals, schools, airports, sports facilities, or any number of other marquee projects, Kirlin defines the value of the project through the experience it provides the user. Take a look at our projects and see how we bring value to those we serve.

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Professional Environment.

Our reputation is one of excellence – not only in the projects we build but in how we affect people’s lives. Throughout Kirlin, in every department, there is an atmosphere of respect, inclusion and value. Our employees continue to learn and thrive. We encourage teamwork and collaboration. Whether you work at one of our facilities or in the field, we value and support each other. We succeed as a team.

Good wages, job satisfaction and promotions are important. Our employees agree. But there’s more to Kirlin. Being part of the big picture, feeling appreciated for excellent performance, working on projects that are not only interesting but bring value to the company and the community – these are important to our company and they bring personal satisfaction to our employees.

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“To me, Kirlin is a family that is constantly encouraging me to DO more and BE more, and provides the mentors, tools, and education to achieve that and infinitely more. The integrity of my leaders and coworkers, as well as their willingness to share their knowledge and experience with me, makes me so genuinely proud to be a member of this team. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to learn and grow with Kirlin.”

—Kristen Dettmer

Our Competitive Edge

We embrace relevant technologies and challenging projects across the construction industry.

Take a look at some of our skills and the projects that result from our know-how.

Current Construction Technologies

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of many. In this case, designers, engineers, builders and owners coordinate using a 3D modeling system.


Our unique fabrication facilities result in the highest quality equipment on the tightest deadlines.

Safety & Quality Control

We specialize in safe and timely delivery and installation of quality materials and equipment.

Coordination & Engineering

Professionals use the latest technologies to refine and enhance design documents for construction.


A unique mix of design and construction professionals bring a project from inception through final construction.


Commissioning experts ensure optimum performance of mechanical equipment and controls.


Learn more about our projects and people, how we work and how our work affects others. Read these excerpts from our Insight Blog.

Kirlin, Subcontractors and Small Business

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Kirlin Uses BIM To Manage The Expansion Of The Levine Cancer Center

When the Carolinas HealthCare System broke ground on the Levine Cancer Center in 2008, no one expected it to exceed its growth expectations so soon. However, in 2016 the system’s board of commissioners unanimously approved a plan to build a $125 million outpatient care center on Morehead … Read On ›

Kirlin at Work

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Learn how we work with subcontractors and vendors, provide information on bid sheets and explain qualifications.

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